Do you want to improve the world in which we live? Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful Civil Service professional? If you are an intelligent, strategic-thinker who can apply specific skills and knowledge, as well as professional and personal experiences to a position where cultural awareness and appreciation and exceptional performance are valued, we encourage you to consider a career with the U.S. Department of State.

As a part of the nation's largest, most stable employer, the U.S. Government, the U.S. Department of State is the lead foreign affairs agency responsible for formulating and implementing U.S. foreign policy overseas.

At the core of our operations are our Civil Service professionals. They help to drive diplomatic principles and initiatives worldwide through conscientious work from their location in the United States. In short, they are dedicated to improving the world in which we live.

Working in Washington, D.C., or other cities throughout the United States, you’ll work on everything from improving trade opportunities for U.S. businesses, to helping American couples adopt children from overseas, to monitoring human rights issues.

A career with the Civil Service means that you can make a difference in the world. Start by looking at our map of where we work or reading about the different job categories.

Need help with understanding the different acronyms and terms used in Department of State vacancies?  Download the Civil Service Glossary of Terms (pdf).